What we are about…

September 2016 – a functioning organisation

At the July 12th meeting,  23  people expressed an interest in being part of a ‘steering group’ to take the ideas of P4L forward. Since then, we have have held three working meetings with these people. These meetings have  dealt with some of the essential ‘housekeeping’,  such as a working Constitution and Charter, which you can find here.

We have also started to plan how we will operate. This is starting to bear fruit; for instance, we provides some promotional assistance to  the ‘Fight for the Foyer’ campaign, with over 110 people visiting our web site to read about it.  Watch this space.


July 12th at the Brewery

The P4L organising group was created from volunteers at the Feathers meeting on  19th May.  We organised a large-scale public meeting at the Ludlow Brewery on 12th.

The agenda and presentations of that meeting can be downloaded here (.pdf) : Agenda&Presentations July 12th_2016. 

A summary of the meeting, with the Q&A session,  can be downloaded here (.pdf): Summary of PAL public meeting July 12th 2016.


We have a few copies of ‘Flatpack Democracy’ still available – email us here to get one.

Cnllr. Andy Boddington’s blog entry for the meeting can be  found here:

At the meeting is was clear that there was a general manadate from the local citizens to take the idea of an umbrella group forward.  We have contacted all those who attended to ask if they would like to come along to a meeting on August 10th to create a structured working group. We want this structure to emerge from the local groups, not be imposed. Watch this space.

We have also briefed Ludlow Town Council on our activities.


Notes from the meeting of 19th May

The concept of the Ludlow Citizen’s Forum (LCF) emerged from two meetings (held in March and May 2016), of local organisations and individuals committed to developing a sustainable and resilient Ludlow over the next 20 years (the 2040 Vision).

To achieve these ambitions for Ludlow we need to ensure that:

  • Existing community services are protected – without which the foundations upon which Ludlow’s society is built begin to crumble
  • Inequality is addressed – looking at ways to encourage and support employment; training; education, appropriate public and social transport and communication.
  • There is whole community engagement to create a safe and harmonious society where everyone’s needs are heard and, as appropriate, met.
  • There is a focus is on balanced development – economically, socially, culturally and environmentally – building upon Ludlow’s natural capital
  • Local commerce is the norm and we should strive to become self-sufficient in our economy, food supply, energy and services


With increasing public concern over the decreasing financial support from central government leading to the deterioration, and even loss, of critical local services there is a call by the community for greater cross-community expression, collaboration, representation and action through a cohesive approach to local issues, challenges and positive initiatives.



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    8pm. NEXT TUESDAY 25 th APRIL
    in OSCARS
    Teams up to 6 people



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