Shropshire Council Local plan review – preferred scale and distribution of development

This consultation is important. The Local Plan sets out overall guidelines  on the type and extent of development  in Shropshire. It forms part of the considerations used by the planning authorities when considering planning applications.

The consultation closes on Dec 22nd.


The following is  from Shropshire Council :

“This consultation document seeks views on the preferred scale and distribution of development for the review of the Shropshire Local Plan. The Consultation Document, available to download from this page:

  1. Sets out the preferred scale of housing and employment development in Shropshire 2016-36;
  2. Sets out the preferred distribution of this growth;
  3. Identifies housing and employment growth guidelines for the strategic centre and each principal and key centre;
  4. Confirms the methodology which Shropshire Council proposes to adopt to identify a settlement hierarchy in Shropshire;
  5. Lists the settlements which form part of this hierarchy, including those that will, in future, be identified as Community Hubs and those that will be maintained as Community Clusters;
  6. Proposes draft policies for the management of development within Community Hubs and Community Clusters; and
  7. Identifies other development requirements which may need to be addressed as part of the Local Plan Review.”

Click here for more information.




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