Proposed new parking strategy to be considered by Cabinet

Shropshire Council’s parking strategy determines the way that the council manages and runs its car parks and on-street parking, including how and what it charges for parking. The current strategy was introduced in 2012 and needs to be replaced.

A 12-week public consultation on a proposed new parking strategy was launched on 22 July 2017 and closed on 17 October 2017 – a total of 2,486 responses and many additional individual comments were received, with more than 22,000 individual comments received in total.

A report to be considered by Shropshire Council’s Cabinet on 17 January 2018 outlines the findings of the consultation, the resulting conclusions and the recommendations to Cabinet.

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[P4L note:  this information was published on Jan 12th.]

P4L notes that:

a) despite the overwhelming number of objections to the ‘linear’ system of charging, this approached has not been modified. Also, for Band 1 & 2 car parks this charge will now extend  to 8pm (7 pm was previously proposed) in Band 1 & 2 car parks, which for Ludlow is the on-street parking in the current RED zone (Band 2 proposed).

The reason given is:

“To encourage evening visitors to Ludlow to park in the town centre off street car parks such as Castle Street and Galdeford rather than on street within the shared use residents parking and pay& display red zone, hence reduce on-street congestion and give improved availability to resident permit holders. It should be noted that blue badge concessions for provision of free parking for blue badge holders on street will still apply.”

b) the ’15-min’ pop-in free period is reduced to 5 minutes. Shropshire Council assert that this, coupled with the statutory 10-minute observation period required before any penalty notice can be issued, means an effective 15 minute ‘pop-in’ period.

c) 50% concessions on Sunday and Bank holidays shall be introduced on all Bands 2 & 3 car parks (Ludlow RED on-street).

d) Respondents highlighted both the perceived under-utilised potential of park and ride services as both a transport hierarchy and economic growth tool, and its potential as a tool to address car park capacity issues. It is therefore proposed and recommended that as a priority a review of all existing park and ride services is undertaken and potential for improvement/expansion identified where financially possible.

e) Throughout the consultation returns respondents highlight the need for harmonisation of parking strategy as an integral part of both overall transport strategy and economic development. Issues were raised with regards to the provision of more public transport. To ensure these issues are addressed at a strategic level it is recommended that with any commission for the development of LTP4 4, an emphasis is placed on the harmonisation of public transport and this parking strategy.


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