The Ludlow Chamber of Trade & Commerce writes:

We’ve had a message from Gina Wilding, Clerk of Ludlow Town Council, regarding their proposed changes to parking on Castle & Market Squares.

They have extended the deadline on feedback to FRIDAY 8th JUNE. Please can we encourage you all to have your say. You can fill in the questionnaire online here or tap into your browser.

This is the statement from Ludlow Town Council

“Ludlow Town Council is currently working with Shropshire Council to undertake a review of the parking in the Ludlow town centre.  We would like to ensure that we have feedback form all key interested parties in the town.

Deadline Friday 8th JUNE 2018.
Ludlow Town Council has received complaints from local residents, organisations and businesses about the current hazardous and inconsiderate parking on Castle Square and Market Square.

Residents are being blocked in; Ambulance and Fire Engine access is being blocked; visitors cannot use the benches; festivals; cultural events and street trading are being disrupted; and visitors are getting a poor impression of our beautiful town!

Changes are required, but can only take place after consideration of the needs of all town centre users; and the fact that existing car park provision is free of charge from 6pm daily.

Ludlow Town Council and Shropshire Council have drafted a proposal for consultation.

Aims & Principles for Restricted Parking Zone

  •  To create a pleasant town centre environment for residents and visitors
  • To create safe pedestrian areas
  •   To create an appropriate and enforceable scheme
  •   To remove hazards caused by inconsiderately parked vehicles
  •   Support access for town centre residents and businesses
  •   Easy to understand and proportionate signage
  •   Deterrent to anti-social parking during day time trading hours
  •   Avoidance of displacement parking
  •   Support trading of local shops, business, street traders and market traders
  •   Support for the night-time economy
  •   Support cultural events and existing festivals
  •   Allocated space for motorcyclists in the centre of town
  •   Defined hours during which parking is prohibited

Area of Proposed Restricted Parking Zone
The yellow shaded zone is where the restrictions will apply (map on reverse)

Restricted Parking Times in the zone:


OPTION 2: During defined daily period 7am – 7pm seven days a week. Parking would be permitted throughout the zone outside of these times.”


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