Earlier in the year, there was considerable debate regarding the proposed changes to parking charges and regulations in Ludlow.

People 4 Ludlow sumitted a response to the Shropshire Council consultation, which you can download from here.

Since then there has been constant activity and effort to make some changes to the proposals, and now…..



Thank you so much for the response to our earlier email regards protesting the parking provisions. Feedback was a unanimous HELL YES!! so let’s get out there and have our voices heard.

We have interest from Shropshire Star, Shropshire Journal & Midlands Today & are currently busy contacting other media including BBC Shropshire, so we are hoping for great coverage – so lets give ’em a show!

What we need you to do:

  • Please prepare a banner – think of the amazing ones spotted in London during Trumps visit…unleash your creativity!
  • Make some noise…a big part of the problem is that Shropshire Council are refusing to listen, so lets make a din that they can’t ignore. Bring something to bang – a saucepan and spoon will do the trick!
  • Bring your friends, lets FILL the square!
  • Share on your social media – let’s fill  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!
  • Do you have any media contacts? Please let them know.

…and if anyone is good with words & can think of a chant please let us know. We’d like something along ‘open your ears’ and maybe ‘not a cash cow’ Thanks!
See you at 6pm on Tuesday 24th July on Castle Square


For those who missed the original email – this why we are joining our friends from Shrewsbury – who are protesting on the same night:

We’ve just heard that despite appeals by Ludlow Town Council, the powers that be in Shropshire Council are refusing to see sense with the proposed parking charge increases.

Indeed, Councillors Boddington and Gill took the Portfolio Holder, Councillor S Davenport – Portfolio Holder for Transport and Highways around Ludlow on Monday.  He initially seemed sympathetic to much that was said and they thought they might be making some progress in getting him to release the strength of the case.

However, it now emerges that the unchanged proposals were signed off by Davenport before he even came to Ludlow!  So there is to be no movement on the the 8pm cap, the high increase in charges for on street parking, market traders have no concessions and Castle Street car park is not to remain short stay…and these are edited highlights of the proposed increases & changes.

Once again Shropshire Council seems to know what is best for Ludlow (or perhaps it just sees us as a cash cow?!) Coupled with the increased business rates, this could have a devastating effect on trade in our market town.
So, who’s up for a PROTEST?

Our friends in Shrewsbury are turning out on July 24 at 6pm, & we propose joining them with our own static protest on Ludlow’s Market Square..will you join us?

Article from Shropshire Star on the Shrewsbury protest with more information:

If you would like to take part at Shrewsbury or can assist in any way (e.g. with transport), please contact the Chamber Secretary at:
Chamber Contact

or in person, Jodie Macauley  at “Eclectica”, MIll Street, Ludlow.

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