What do we mean by a sustainable and resilient Ludlow?

The following features can make a town ‘sustainable and resilient’ but is not prescriptive. They are ambitious aspirations and provide a future vision for Ludlow as a town where;

  • people are listened to and given the opportunity to play an active part in developing the services and facilities they need.
  • the needs of everyone in the community are met and people feel safe, healthy, valued and happy
  • where local customs, architecture, events and history are valued, conserved and supported
  • the environment is appreciated, protected and enhanced and any detrimental impact is minimised
  • the local economy is vibrant, most commerce is local rather than national, employment opportunities are good and working lives are rewarding
  • energy, water, food and other vital resources are provided locally wherever possible and used efficiently and with care
  • waste is minimised, then re-used or recovered through recycling, composting or energy recovery, and finally benignly disposed
  • opportunities for culture, leisure, recreation and education are readily available to all
  • the whole community benefits from good transport services and communications, linking people to jobs, schools, health and other services, with reduced dependency on cars
  • public, private, community and voluntary services are appropriate to people’s needs and accessible to all.